special design for special people


We invite you into a world of color and attitude, aesthetic valence, a world that meets your need nicely and harmony. By what we do, we help you realize your own combinations that will characterize, you to become your own 'quiver' designer.


About us

We are a small manufacture, a "child" born out of the love for bow shooting and art. We strive to sustain the traditional values and methods in this era of speed and technology.
Our creed is "special design for special people" and it is what drives us to create trully artistic objects for you special people, who appreciate beauty and want to surpass the boundaries imposed by the modern society. We wanted to bring in your life a drop of colour, emotion and attitude and therefore we succeded in becoming an unique concept: manually painted feathers. By doing so, we transformed the arrow into real art, giving it unique aestethics.