special design for special people


We invite you into a world of color and attitude, aesthetic valence, a world that meets your need nicely and harmony. By what we do, we help you realize your own combinations that will characterize, you to become your own 'quiver' designer.


How it's made

We define ourselves as a small manufacture, because everything is done ' handmade ', with the help of a dedicated staff, because our focus is on worker's ability and talent, tobe able to achieve the highest standards. Being painted, we can talk about the uniqueness of these objects and at the same time about their unity in diversity, with the same design.
Due to the mode of implementation you will notice that every touch, line or point differs, offering a unique plasticity that you will not ever find serial products, which are printed or stamped exactly the same reason.
We work only with natural turkey feathers, we select carefully considering numerous factors (spine thickness, smoothness him, 'oil line' etc), then degreased and prepare them for the next stages of work, painting them one each of them, from line to line and point by point and cut them all manually at lengths of 3, 4 or 5 inches.
Also our shaft arrows sites are carefully selected (in the best fiber, with many growth rings with the same spin and the same weight)are prepared for the cresting (oiled, coated, etc) and then painted. In most models you will find both areas of rings and handmade graphics, in areas closely related to the graphic design, from wich the uniqueness of each arrow.